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A digital mini-series celebrating the 20th anniversary of Google Search.

With Google Search even the smallest of UK businesses can compete on a global scale. In fact, Search is so effective that some people can’t believe it’s legal.

We join Chabuddy G, star of BAFTA award-winning British comedy, ‘People Just Do Nothing’ in a series of shorts as he finally receives orders for his defining product, Peanut Dust thanks to the power of Search.

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Episode 01

“I think I’ve just hacked Google”

Chabuddy finally sells some Peanut Dust thanks to Google Ads.

Episode 02

“Welcome to Peanut Dust Enterprises”

Business is booming(ish) and Chabuddy employs his own Search Specialist.

Episode 03

“Oh my days, I’m a bloody genius”

Through Google key word data, Peanut Dust expands its offering to the public with a stinky new product.

Episode 04

“I’ve got a disco ball inside my fishtank”

6 Months on and a ‘successful’ Chabuddy is faced with a big problem.

Writing collaboratively with the series creators, we developed a storyline that fitted seamlessly with the ‘People Just Do Nothing’ show. The episodes were seeded through highly-targeted EDM and picked up by industry press as well as hosted on Think with Google. Launched in the weeks leading up to the BBC show’s final season and coinciding with an important period where media agency budgets are allocated, our campaign made search feel vital, current and cool again.

Furthering the campaign reach, we surprised real specialists from the industry by writing them into a key scene in the story. We also by created and sent real packets of Peanut Dust together with a note from Chabuddy thanking them for their incredible work in the field of search.

The campaign culminated in an epic ‘Search Like a G’ awards party, where over 500 industry VIPs joined together to celebrate Search and the top 20 specialists making it happen.